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About Chhattisgarh


The People:

Deep in the forests, the reverberating sound of drumbeats and rhythmic footsteps float through the air. Songs of birds resonate in chorus and a gentle breeze carries this symphony of nature across the land… the land of Chhattisgarh and its people. ure across the land… the land of Chhattisgarh and its people.

Of the entire population of Chhattisgarh, almost a third are tribals. Prominent among them are the Hill and Bison Horn-Marias and Muria Gonds, Dhruvass, Bhatras, and Halbas.

Accordingly to professions the main castes are the Ghadwas (blacksmiths), Mahar and Ganads (weavers), the Charmkaar (leather worker), kallar and Sundi (distillers). Rawat (cowherd), each is providing a vital service in maintaining the fine balance of the tribal society Nothing is more distinctive of the Chhattisgarh than his love of music, dance and liquor.All these elements come together in the many festivals celebrated by the tribals.

Religion and rituals: Religions and rituals play a very important role in the life of Chhattisgarh people. The informal nature of religion in this area is typical of the practised by many small ethenic groups in India. It is reflected inn the anionic forms of folk- mythical gods and goddesses. Danteshwary is one of the most revered goddesses of this area, worship as the bestower of wishes and protector against evil.

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