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Dhokra/Bell Metal Craft


The BELL METAL or DHOKRA is one of the earliest known method of metal casting. This craft dates back to pre-historic time of Harrappa and Mohenjodaro period of Indus Civilization.

Dhokra metal casting is perhaps the only living tradition of metal image making in Eastern India. The technique has managed to survive many centuries and change of dynasties owing to its modesty of application in everyday lives if traditional tribal people of BASTAR, Chhattisgarh, INDIA by more than 10,000 traditional tribals.

Artwork is done with hand, without any advancement of technology.

The unique 13 stage process of DHOKRA/BELL METAL making is the original creative instinct of the craft persons, which is a beautiful amalgation of art and science.

The ancient art of cire-perdue or lost wax thread method of metal casting is still used by the tribal people of BASTAR, from Chhattisgarh over a last 200 years. They do not attempt to dominate or outwit the natural forces. But have learnt to live in harmony with them. All available natural resources are utilized to their optimum potential.

The DHOKRA/BELL METAL castings of figurines and different animals with their antique look, fits in with interior decor. DHOKRA/BELL METAL is an alloy of brass, nickel and zinc that gives an antique effects of the castings.

Earlier craftsmen used to create only traditional ritualistic items and decorative pieces but now with new designs inputs, there has been a lot of product diversification, resulting in numerous innovative utility items like door handles, lamp shades, hangers, boxes and caskets of different shapes and sizes. More than 10,000 unique old tradition and new design products are available right now and continuously increasing.


Our entire collection is designed by experienced designers, having a good sense of arts, style and trends as well as its specific requirements. Our collection is acknowledged for its creativity, design and exclusive products that are beyond comparison. An ecstatic collection of products that are designed in vibrant and distinct styles to suit the requirements of prospective customers. You can be assured that when you order us accent, you are receiving the finest in hand craftsmanship.

All Our products are traditional craft which are 100% Eco-friendly. It stands a part in its performance projecting the present required awareness to ecologically friendly handicraft and handmade products. It is well known fact that all tribal craft are based by concept and by process, which does no harm to its heritage and environment. In fact by rituals and by folklore of this craft they communicate with there upcoming generation to keep them as necessary tradition. All these have survived for centuries. This is main reason that world wide all tribal artwork is more pronounce than handicrafts of other region.

A wide variety of designs and styles in Dhokra Crafts/Arts inspired by the varied cultures of the different Indian states make excellent decorative pieces. We are specialized in providing specific styles of your choice also. Such products like Nandi, Horse, Elephant, Ganesha, Candle holder, Candle stand are ethnic in design and specific in patterns.

We are in the league of manufacturers of quality products, who have epitomized their manufacturing operation by using quality raw materials.

With a rich heritage, profound professionalism and experience & expertise in the trade, we are all set to create a niche for ourselves in the world market.



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