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Traditional Dhokra Crafts from Tribals of Chhattisgarh, India



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Dhokra Manufacturing
Manufacturing Process
Dhokra Craft
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Manufacturing Process



1. Woman of the household powder and sieve the black clay or kali maati

2. The clay is kneaded with rice husk


3. A composite mould is made by applying layers of soil soil mixes and drying it in the sun.

4. Thin strands of bees wax are extruded through a PICHKI with the help of a THASSA


5. The strands of bees wax emerging from the PICHKI

6. The mould is coated with the sticky juice of the leaves of green beans called SEM.


7. The clay mould is wrapped completely with wax strands.

8. Thick and thin strands are used to create embellishments. A wooden spatula is used to flatten the strands so as to smoothen the background and highlights the decoration.


9. The mould is covered with a layer of clay, sawdust and charcoal. On drying a second layer of clay is applied and then a final layer of DENGUR clay and rice husk

10. The mould is baked at 1100 Degrees Celsius. This melts the wax and creates a fine cavity between the layers of clay


11. Metal is melted and pored into the cavity. The molten metal flows through the space and takes on the impression of the walls of the clay mould

12. The mould is allowed to cool for two to three hours and is frequently sprinkled to with water, This hastens the cooling process and softens the mould for breaking.


13. The mould is broken, followed by filling and brushing of the artifact.

14. Finished product after polishing and buffing is ready to display.



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